The rooms

Begin the visit by the BedRoom – l’Atelier

This room includes a sleeping area and bathroom 28 m2 (16 m2 for the room itself and 12 m2 hall of water). Tasteful decor and cozy atmosphere for this room on the ground floor enjoying a soft luminosity thanks to its 6 openings to offset formats. The 2 small oven transforms inputs let filter in bath space a soft filtered light. Separate toilet

chambre-rdc-IMG_0633 chambre-rdc-IMG_0649 chambre-rdc-salle-deau-IMG_0642 chambre-rdc-salle-deau-IMG_0645


Now on to the floor via a beautiful staircase adorned with antique tapestries. This staircase serves all 3 rooms located on the first floor, including loft, with its particularly cozy video space, landscaped large cushions to relax, read or play. (Space may be prohibited to seniors? …)


Let us introduce you to the 3 other rooms of the house to varied scenery and equally refined spaces with private and 2 toilets.


Here is Bagatelle offering 30 m2 including bathrrom of 14 m2

Bagatelle was the nickname of the grand grandfather of the owner which hide different meanings … 🙂

Exposed beams and stones naturally bring to this space warmth, softness and extra soul. There beautiful light from the roof window plays the effect of a color chart providing alternating moods throughout the day.



You may choose the room Voyageur (20 m2 and bathroom 9 m2)

What a beautiful object that tub playing its copper highlights in this spacious room thinking “Spirit Voyageurs”. A sober and elegant, with its space very refined style bath. Three skylights and one opening side to play the perfect brightness. What about that broad beam that will make the biggest bow ? Can be a call to humility?

Will you be the outsmart using it at will, anyway, be sure not to over the brave … 
2 beds 90/200 coupled to provide a wide sleeping 180/200.

chambre-etage-gauche-droite-IMG_0687 chambre-etage-gauche-droite-salle-deau-IMG_0703



The Ragondins room ( a coypu, sort of beaver) (22 m2 + 5 m2 shower room)

“Dormitory” of medium and little elves, room dedicated to children for rest, play, watch and prepare good holiday memories.

Great clarity on this night space under the roof. 4 beds 90/200. Private bath area, wooden floors, exposed beams and stonework.

chambre-etage-gauche-gauche-IMG_0772 chambre-etage-gauche-gauche-salle-deau-IMG_0782